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Welcome to Fall's & Webb Oil Inc. - Your Local Choice for Heating Oil
Fall's & Webb Oil, Inc. is proud to provide central York County with a range of fuel products. We deliver #2 home heating oil and kerosene for your heating needs, as well as on- and off-road diesel to fuel your business.
Southern Maine Heating Oil

Heating Oil & Kerosene
We offer heating fuels to our customers: #2 home heating oil and kerosene.

Southern Maine Diesel Fuel

On/Off Road Diesel
We deliver both on- and off-road diesel throughout our delivery area, both to businesses and individuals. Please call our office for these prices, and inquire about discounted pricing if you are ordering more than 500 gallons at a time.

Current Prices 2/15/18
#2 Home Heating Oil:



About Current Prices
We strive to make sure the above prices are as current as possible, but please do confirm when you call to order. Pricing for diesel products is available by phone or email.

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